Family & Teen Trips

Our mission is to provide experiences that will build an empowering mindset, a broader perspective, and a spiritual connection that will ignite your journey to live your unique personal mission.


Family Trips

  • Disconnect from everything that interferes with family life and relationships, and connect with each other, God, and those you serve! These trips are eye-opening and perspective and life changing. They are filled with impactful connections and humanitarian experiences, as well as breathtaking adventure!
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Teen Trips

  • These trips are a teen’s paradise!! There is a perfect mix of adventure, connecting with new friends and God, witnessing His breathtaking creations, and serving and meeting locals.
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"Our week-long adventure with the Thomason Family was inspiring and life-changing. Our week was carefully planned to make the most of our time.  We were able to visit underprivileged children in hospitals, orphanages, schools, and small villages. We were given the opportunity to serve and give our time and talents. More important and rewarding than giving service was building connections with people we learned to love as soon as we met them."

"The Thomasons also made sure we didn’t miss out on the fun and adventurous activities Guatemala has to offer. We zip-lined, cliff jumped, climbed a volcano, shopped and ate delicious food. We met together once a day for a leadership training that helped us to reflect on our experiences and make goals for the next day. This was not an experience where you sit back and enjoy the ride. The more effort you put into your time and service, the more you learn and grow. If you are looking for an experience for your family that will provide a vision expanding experience, family bonding, service and adventure all packed into one week, this is trip for you."

"We have been to many places around the world and loved all of them!  However, we always come home feeling like it wasn’t complete…something was missing from our trips.  When we went to Guatemala 🇬🇹 we realized what it was…the humanitarian aspect!  This trip had it all, fun, adventure, sight seeing, and serving. When you really get to know the people where you are visiting and you can serve them you come back fuller than when you left and ready to face the world!  It was eye opening and life changing for our kids and whole family!!  Incredible in every way!"

"Our trip with Live Your Mission and Real Imprints was so much more than just an awesome humanitarian opportunity to serve those who are in need. It was an inflection point in our lives, and in the lives of our children. An opportunity like this is a rare combination of settings that make it particularly poignant. It is the perfect combination of a beautiful adventurous setting, removing yourself from technology and distractions, surrounding yourself with amazing people and examples, and inspirational thoughts and messages that helps create an ideal environment to reset and focus on what is truly important in your life and the lives of your family. I am not exaggerating when I say that we count this trip as a priceless blessing that forever changed our lives."

"My trips to Guatemala have been some of the most formative experiences of my life. At the time of my first trip, I was a young teenager without a clear idea of what was truly important in life. As I served the people of Guatamala, I learned that true joy comes through service and devloping meaningful relationships. These lessons helped me center my life goals around caring for others rather than focusing on myself."

"Our son went to Guatemala on one of these trips and it was life-changing for him.  He didn't want to go and was arguing with me the night before he left saying it was a waste of money. I didn't have high hopes that he would immerse himself in the experience.  I couldn't have been more wrong. He came home a different person.  The whole experience had a profound impact on him.  The Live Your Mission and Real Imprints organizations provided a great opportunity for my son to have a paradigm shift in his personal life.  The experiences that he had while in Guatemala touched his soul and caused him to implement changes in his life to become the person he wants to be.  I am so grateful that he was able to go and for their loving attention, it has made a huge positive impact on my son.  I can't recommend it enough."

"My daughter was able to go to Guatemala with Live Your Mission and Real Imprints and had a wonderful experience.  She struggles with anxiety and the organization was well organized and informative so she knew what to expect, which lessened her anxiety.  She did things that stretched her and helped her see she can do difficult things, like hike to the volcano. We weren't sure that her passport was going to get here in time, it got here the week before, so she was able to go. It tested her in some ways, but she had a wonderful time and learned a lot about herself and that she is more capable then she realized. This is a great organization."

"This was life-changing for my kids! They made great friends, their worldview expanded, they felt the joy of service, and realized they could do hard things. Every penny spent was well worth it!"

"Thank you so much for organizing our trip to Guatemala! It was such an amazing experience, and I'm so gratetu I Was able to go! Ever since I've come home, my whole perspective on life has changed.

I have a greater desire to serve others, and I'm so much more grateful for what I have. Thank you for inspiring me to live my mission and leave my mark. You are


What you can Expect On LYM Trips:

Humanitarian Service

Extend Christ's love through selfless acts of service.


Embrace and respect diverse global heritages, unity.


Explore the world; nature reveals God’s creations.


Forge lasting bonds, share Christ's love.


Express thankfulness for God's blessings, serving others.

Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental Growth

Nourish spirit, enlighten minds, uplift souls in Christ.

Unforgettable Memories and Experiences

Create lasting memories through Christ-centered service and love.


Impact lives through Christ's transformative love.

Our Commitment

To help you experience unforgettable and epic adventures. You'll encounter diverse cultures and engage in meaningful service and connections with God and incredible people. All of this takes place while you immerse yourself in His awe-inspiring creations.