About Us

Our family and team are passionate about purposeful living! We love providing opportunities that create ah-ha moments! Once you tap into your purpose, life is completely different, and you’ll never want to go back!

Meet Our Family

This is what our little family looked like when we moved to Guatemala in 2019. While we were there, we had many ah-ha moments and experiences that changed our perspectives and lives forever.

We felt undeniably led to sell our stuff and house and move to Guatemala. The ironic and funny thing about this move is that on a previous plane ride to Guatemala for a humanitarian trip, I saw a family that looked like they were from the U.S. and after a short conversation with the kids that were sitting next to me on the flight I thought, “Who would ever move their family to Guatemala? Those poor kids!...” and then my thoughts continued as I tried to wrap my mind around it. So, be careful what you think!! God has a sense of humor, we're sure of it!

It’s funny to look back knowing what we know now. We thought we knew why we were going and how it would help our kids and family, etc. etc etc. We had all sorts of ideas and plans, but there was A LOT that God knew that we didn’t know and we learned quickly that God knows best, and we didn’t know as much as we thought we did.

It was our Guatemala experience that taught us to trust God at a deeper level and showed us the importance of personal missions. He knows the one, and He will lead “one” from the US all the way to another “one” in Guatemala that is in great need. It taught us that God teaches us and directs us in ways that we will listen, but the end result is not always what we thought it would be. It taught us how much we can learn from other cultures and people around the world. We learned from our sweet friends in Guatemala how to slow down, to be patient and grateful, generous and kind, humble and faithful, hardworking and resourceful, resilient and optimistic, and genuinely happy with very little. Most importantly it taught us how vital it is to trust God and to allow Him to lead us to places we would never go on our own.

Our Team